A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Southern ITS International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: SITS)

About Pure Oil & Gas, Inc.

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Parent Company Publicly Traded

Our Parent Company, Southern ITS International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: SITS) intends to own and/or control a portfolio of highly successful businesses and will focus on being a multi-national conglomerate.

As a holding company, Southern ITS International is in the market to acquire a stake in various companies both public and private. They focus on building a direct sales network of various e-commerce internet applications, manufacturing, and internet sales of various products.

The corporation is building an experienced management team that will build a diverse portfolio, buying entire companies, or interests therein, involved in technology, oil and gas, manufacturing, real estate, and other sectors, which will then become operating subsidiaries of Southern ITS International.

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Growth Strategy

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Publicly Traded Company, Southern ITS International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: SITS) we have the ability to use stock and cash to acquire selected oil and gas industry properties, technologies and companies. We plan to build a solid asset base and strong cash flow by acquiring producing wells.

Using this platform we plan to be positioned to expand and multiply corporate growth by acquiring and forming joint ventures with selected innovative companies that have unique new oil and gas industry technology.

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Oil & Gas Production Revenues

The oil & gas exploration and production business is a unique sector where a publicly traded company with cash and stock to offer can find numerous opportunities for profitable acquisitions.

We plan to grow and expand the company by increasing assets, revenues and profits through the acquisitions of targeted oil and gas properties, leases and wells.

Using industry connections we can rapidly locate properties and producing wells that can be obtained at highly feasible prices.

We plan to expand throughout the United States with Wyoming, California and Texas as the initial states that we will target.

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New Technologies

In the US the oil and gas industry is currently undergoing unique growth in new technologies that can provide environment benefits and enhance profits.

Environment concerns from the general public and the government have created unique pressures that are bringing about the creation of innovative new ideas and technology.

Many of the companies that have developed unique new solutions need both strategic and financial assistance to complete their offerings, bring them to the marketplace and generate profits. Pure Oil & Gas plans to identify these companies, acquire positions in them and provide the resources they need to succeed.

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